how do you afford lolita? ARe you rich from family? Do you work and make how much? (sorry bad english)

When I started, I wore a lot of bodyline. I eventually sold them and traded them for new pieces. Then I began to make things to sell at conventions and on the lolita communities. With that money, I would buy pieces for my closet. Sometimes during the winter I would work at the hotel my mother manages. I would be one of the cleaning ladies to earn extra money. I now have a full time job as an Assistant where I can purchase the items I want.

Another thing I did is trade my brand pieces for other brand. I would also make a lot of my dresses which i sometimes prefer because they are more personalized and reflect the styles i like.

A skirt I made for an event!

This is a skirt i made years ago. The only brand item are the socks.